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D&D 5e Season 1 Tower of the Mad Mage

Our heroes find themselves in the town of Longsaddle attempting to gamble away their evening. When a sudden interruption cannot be ignored they find themselves in a interesting circumstance. This is the first episode of our D&D 5e campaign. We

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D&D 5th Edition The Saga Begins

Tragedy befell the Kings games, but when five travelers pulled each other from the bottom of a fissure a bond was formed. Join Nala (Tracy), Meldiron (Kaleb), Arnie (John), Blodo (Daniel), and (Zach) as they travel far to find out

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Drinks & Dice Podcast D&D 5e Prelude

This is to be considered a prelude to our ongoing campaign. You do not need to listen to this episode first, in fact its recommended you come back to this episode after you have listened to a few of the

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Game Night Review – Lords of Waterdeep

Lords of Waterdeep Review

Drinks & Dice 7/1/2015 game night wrap up and review – Lords of Waterdeep! This game has got to be in my top 10 favorites of all time. Without going into long details this game is a bit difficult to

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