D&D 5e Season 1 Tower of the Mad Mage

Our heroes find themselves in the town of Longsaddle attempting to gamble away their evening. When a sudden interruption cannot be ignored they find themselves in a interesting circumstance.

This is the first episode of our D&D 5e campaign. We are all completely new players and this is the first time I tried to DM. The original campaign was written by M.T. Black and altered to fit my PC’s needs. I started this podcast because I thought our friends would enjoy listening to our games. I have discovered that this will be a great way to improve my DM skills.

DM – Kaleb Brooks
Nala (Dragonborn Druid)- Tracy
Sage (Catfolk Cleric) – Carrie Anne
Leon (Human Warlock) – Edwin
Blodo (Halfling Bard) – Daniel
Angus (Tiefling Rogue) – Zach

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